is the full-length documentary on the topic of Serbian emigration to America, specifically highly-educated truck drivers. Brain Drain is something that a lot of people talk about in Serbia but few people actually know how life in exile actually looks like.


Cinnamon Production from Belgrade is a co producer of the movie and it already committed it's technical capacity for recording and post production of the movie.


The film follows five truck drivers of different ages and life experiences with various ways of adapting to emigrants life but with the same goal — to make a decent life for their family and them.


While crossing the most diverse and picturesque landscapes of America our characters talk over Skype with their loved ones in Serbia. While on the road One learns that he become an uncle, the other finds out that his childhood friends are getting married, Third and Fourth find out that their mother is getting sick and Fifth learns that his kids got in trouble at home. All the moments of happiness and sadness are now accommodated in that small truck cab in which they spend 24-25 days a month.


During this time an entire life in the homeland is expanding and they have only the illusion of participating in it.

Each driver is in conflict with himself while on the road. He examines the limits of his physical and mental endurance often questioning themselves — Is it worth it!?


Through situations on the road and in Chicago and through conversations with other drivers and their family's our characters reveal their life stories but they also give us an insight into the strengths and weaknesses of their job. They also explain how they see their current position and plans for the future. Part of them wants to return to Serbia, but another part of them wants to stay in the United States.


There is almost a small town Serbian drivers in Chicago (their number exceeds 10,000 people) most of whom work for one of the two hundred transport companies owned by Serbs.